Laser Line Dielectric Coatings

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These coatings are highly efficient  reflectors optimized for a narrow wavelength range. CASTECH offers eight standard dielectric coatings with  substrates.

   ?  High efficiency narrowband  reflectivity

   ?  Rs ,Rp >99% at laser line

   ?  High damage threshold


Coating CodeCenter Wavelength (nm)Angle of incidenceReflectivity per SurfaceDamage  Threshold

1000W/cm2  2J/cm2


500W/cm2  1J/cm2

DM488488-514.50-45°Rs,Rp>99%500W/cm2  1J/cm2
DM5325320-45°Rs,Rp>99%500W/cm2  2J/cm2
DM633632.80-45°Rs,Rp>99%500W/cm2  1J/cm2
DM106410640-45°Rs,Rp>99%500W/cm2  2J/cm2
DM130013000-45°Rs,Rp>99%500W/cm2  1J/cm2
DM155015500-45°Rs,Rp>99%500W/cm2  2J/cm2

Order Information:

To order append the coating code  to the substrate number.

For example   MIR-127-031-BK7-DM532.


?  Custom designs for other coatings are available upon request. 

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