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Crystal Quartz

Diameter Tolerance+0/-0.25mm
Clear Aperture≥ central 90%  of  diameter
Retardance Accuracy<λ/300
Surface Quality20/10
Wavefront  Distortionλ/10 @632.8nm over the clear  aperture
Damage Threshold2MW/cm2,2J/cm2,10ns









   ?   Wide Temperature Bandwidth   

   ?  CASTECH’s standard coatings are available   

   ?   Custom designs for other sizes and coatings are also vailable upon request.   

Single Wavelength Waveplates



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                             WPL     ----      254      ----      1/4     ----      W1064   

                                ↓                            ↓                            ↓                               ↓

                            Product Code     Φ=25.4mm    Retardation=λ/4    Wavelength"λ"=1064nm          


Half  Waveplate

Quarter Waveplate
   WPL-127-1/2-λ      WPL-127-1/4-λ   


Standard Wavelength (λ):

308nm457.9nm543.5nm676.4nm850nm  1315nm  
351nm488nm594nm  694.3nm  905nm1320nm
  354.7nm    510.5nm    611.9nm  780nm  1050nm  1550nm


Dual Wavelength Waveplates

    Dual wavelength waveplate is widely used on Third Harmonic Generation (THG) system. When you need a NLO crystal for type II SHG (o+e→e), and a NLO crystal for type II THG (o+e→e), the  out put polarization from SHG can not be used for THG. So you must  turn the polarization to get two perpendicular polarization for type II THG. Dual wavelength waveplate works like a polarizing rotator, it can rotate the polarization of one beam and remain another beam's polarization. Also the dual wavelength waveplate can be applied to following systems: 

        ?   Type II SHG + Type II THG

        ?   Type II SHG + Type I THG

        ?   Type I SHG  + Type I THG 

For example: we use KTP as SHG type II and LBO as THG type II, but the polarization of output beam from KTP is not optimized for THG type II. When we use a dual wavelength waveplate as drawing, it can change the 532nm beam to a special angle polarization but not change 1064nm beam at all.


MaterialCrystal Quartz
Diameter Tolerance+0/-0.25mm
Clear Aperture≥ central 90%  of  diameter
Retardance Accuracy<λ/100
Surface Quality20/10
Wavefront  Distortionλ/10 @ 632.8nm over the clear aperture
CoatingLaser Line V AR Coating  R<0.25%< span="">
Damage Threshold2MW/cm2,2J/cm2,10ns


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                             WPD    ----     127     ----      1/2    ----        1/4       ----       W1064       ----       W532

                                ↓                         ↓                            ↓                           ↓                                   ↓                                   

                     Product Code      Φ=25.4mm     Retardation1=λ/2    Retardation2=λ/4    Wavelength1=1064nm     Wavelength2=532nm 

Standard Retardation:

Wavelength 1-Wavelength2 W1064-W532(nm) W1064-W532(nm)W532-W266(nm)W532-W355(nm)
Retardation 1-Retardation2λ-λ/2λ/2-λλ/4-λ/2λ/2-λ/4


   ?  Custom designs for other sizes ,coatings and holders are also available upon request.

   ?  CASTECH's standard coatings are available upon request.

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