Telecom Waveplates

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MaterialCrystal Quartz
Diameter Tolerance+0/-0.1mm
Design Wavelength1550nm
Retardance Accuracy<λ/300 @ 1550nm
Surface Quality40/20
Wavefront  Distortionλ/4 @ 632.8nm over the full aperture
AR CoatingBoth surfaces R<0.25% @ 1525-1565nm
Damage Threshold500W/cm2,4J/cm2,20ns





Order Information:

                             WPT    ----     040     ----     030     ----     1/4     ----      W1550   

                                ↓                          ↓                         ↓                          ↓                             

                     Product Code    Length=4.0 mm   Width=3.0mm   Retardation= λ/4    Design  Wavelength “λ”=1550nm


    “1/4”means Quarter  Waveplate

    “1/2”  means Half  Waveplate

Also, please provide the angle θ.

Telecom waveplates are designed and  manufactured specifically to meet the demanding requirements of telecom component designers.

CASTECH provides telecom waveplate with many kinds of sizes , they are 91.5μm thick for the half-waveplate and 45.7μm thick for the quarter-waveplate at 1550nm. The telecom waveplates are AR coated from 1525nm to 1565nm in order to minimize surface reflection losses.

Standard Telecom Waveplates:

size   Design Wavelength   AR CoatingRetardation
 Kinds of  size1550nmR<0.25% @ 1525-1565nm   λ/4或λ/2   

Note:Custom designs for other specifications and coating are also available upon request.

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